The Sand River males. Sabi Sands.

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On my recent trip to Nottens Bush Camp
we were lucky enough to interact with two of the Sand River males 

And, unlike most male lions we had encountered so far,
these two were awake. 

Admittedly they spent most of the time grooming…
like any cat they like being clean 

” Darn photographer”… 

” Perhaps he will get a little closer”? 

Brotherly love… 

There is a third male to this coalition.
We had found him the previous day…

 with one of the lionesses from the Southern pride and her cubs

Although he was sleeping(as most males do),
the cubs were prepared to come out and investigate…
between feeds.   

“NO blond lion jokes “… 

Time to head off… 

“I need to be pretty for the pictures”…

So THIS is what trees are for…


Battle scars are worn with pride 

A reflective moment?
Perhaps thinking about the meal that got away? 

Considering the battle scars on his brother,
this fellow is relatively unscathed  

Pretty kitty… 

Why did I kick myself in the face?

Bye for now…

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