Snapshots from Mozambique.


Sometimes a destination is not about where you end up,
but what you see along the way.
These are some of those moments from my recent trip to Mozambique 

The beach outside the restaurant where I had lunch was littered with discarded boats.
This was a lifeboat that was brought here and abandoned.

The living and the dead… 

“And the seagulls name was”… 

Always has to be at least one cat 

More from the sea 

Ribs in the sand  

Breaking wave 

The symmetry of the lights along this pier caught my attention 

If only we could fly where ever we wished… 

Not the time to put up the sail 

Homeward bound 

This used to be a whaling ship.
Now, the sea has reclaimed it 

Most of us sit down to a store bought breakfast.
This fellow was busy catching his. 

And perhaps this crew was heading out to search for theirs? 

Gently rolling in… 

Sunset…for a change.
Most of the rooms that I stay in seem to be East facing. 


Walls can be made to hide…
They can be build to protect…
They can be see through…
Or in this case,
all three… 

Moonlight over the ocean.

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