Nottens Bush Camp, Sabi Sands.


Although I have been to this reserve many time,
my visit to Nottens was a first for me.
I found these walking sticks outside my room.
There are bush walks planned every day after breakfast, weather permitting

Nottens Camp has a gym…
I did visit, but it was TOO hot to try out any of the equipment.
That is my excuse and I am sticking to it.
My way to fight “Lodge Podge” on this trip was NOT to have dessert.

The main lodge area.
In front of the deck is an open area and a waterhole.
Elephants, hyena, warthogs, giraffe were some of the animals I spotted while sitting here.
The door at the far end leads into the bar and an indoor lounge

My first meal I ate alone,
after that the tables were all put together and we ate as a “family”.
Meals are served here or in the outdoor Boma.

Windy, sandy pathways leads to the rooms, and camp buildings

A secluded viewing area on the main deck.

I have it on good authority that the water temperature was bearable…
And that is did help too cool the guests down.

Another view of the camp.

There is a full(excluding the toilet) outdoor bathroom/

Their vehicles are some of the cleanest game vehicles I have had the pleasure of being in.
It might not seem like a big deal, but is does make an impression on the guests.
Well, on me anyway!

This is how the camp is lit at night.
This was still burning at 05h15…

As was this…

My “corner-of-paradise”…

A very comfy bed…
but I am glad that I travel with my pillow.
But I must be the exception to the rule as no one else seems to.
I have yet to meet a fellow “pillow-traveler”
Perhaps one day I will…
and we WILL form a society!

The indoor bathroom…with a toilet.

And the outdoor version,
with bath AND shower.

my own private deck

and a separate lounge that I am certain could be converted into a bedroom for families

My camera taking a rest.
It was REALLY busy on this trip.

Bath salts for a relaxing soak at the end of a “tough” day.
Some of the things that impressed me:
The staff attitude
Dale’s constant smile
The attention to detail in all the buildings
The attitude of the staff…I might have already mentioned that, but it is worth repeating.
The quality of the camp booklet in the rooms.
I have a feeling that a separate category
might be instituted in my “Travel & Things” Awards this year to cover that.
This camp is not your “usual” five-star luxury camp.
It might not have air-con, a TV or bar fridge in the rooms.
What it does offer is an honest home-away-from-home experience,
that keeps guests returning on a regular basis.
Well done to the Nottens team.

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