No “Fifty shades of grey” at Machaba Camp in Botswana.


Some B&W images from my recent trip to Machaba Camp in Botswana.

Although colour is great, this form of photography, for me, is still the “purest”

African Wild Dog in the early morning sun


or at play…

I do have a soft spot for these endangered animals

I LOVE the expression on the face of the dog on the left of this image.

Naps are important in keeping stamina levels up

These small feet and skinny legs belie that fact that dogs are one of the most successful predators

Their kill rate is around 80%, far better than lions or leopards.

Rain threatened, but never materialized in the quantities that the land hoped for.
I believe that the first rains occur in December

But THIS is why I was there…
10 INDIVIDUAL leopards in 4 days!

Buffalo always look at you as if you owe them money

Mud tossing time…

The long and winding road…
This is for Jo…who loves our continent.

The “business” end of an African Elephant

Lunch time…

Cooling mud.

This was the first leopard that we came across.
On our very first game drive.
Africa does NOT get better than this

One more…

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