My return Federal Air flight from Nottens Bush Camp, Sabi Sands


A misunderstanding almost caused me to miss my flight from Nottens back to Jhb.
Luckily the arrival and departure times are flexible…to a point.

My in-flight entertainment…
Only kidding.

Wade and I have flown with each other before.
Always good to fly with someone I know.

Time to head for home?
Not quite…one pick up/ drop off to complete at Singita.
Luckily their airstrip is only 3 minutes away

Good bye to the Sabi Sabi “airport”.
I hope to see you again when the weather is cooler!

Heading towards Singita.

Coming in to land…
No animals on the runway.

A busy little “airport”…
One staying, Ross has just taken off…
And we are about to leave.

Attempt number one…ABORTED…
a Kudu ran across the runway!

Attempt number two was successful and we were on our way back to Jhb

A different landscape from my trip to Nottens.

This was the temperature INSIDE…

And outside it was -13C!

There was a fair amount of bad weather in our flight path,
but we missed most of it.

Being a “co-pilot” is a tough job and requires constant focus.
Which I don’t have…

But Wade does.

Some of the cloud fields that we flew through


Ice on the leading edges, but it did not prove to be a long term problem

ORT comes into view.
Another safe flight with Federal Air.
Many thanks Wade…

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