My Massinga beach adventure


A great place to watch the sunrise…
From the privacy of my deck 

Currently the accommodation is in two tiers.
These are family units and are set slightly higher than where mine was.
I should imagine that they offer a better view. 

There was a LOT of dead coral on the beach.
Washed ashore by the wind and the tide from the previous evening  

The beach bar.
A wonderful venue(with a pool) to enjoy a meal or a drink. 

These boulders dot the beach and make for interesting “photo ops”. 

The beach was over run with these crabs.
Some sitting in the entrances to their burrows. 

Others slightly more adventurous…
But when threatened, they too scuttled back to the safety of the subterranean bunkers 

Genome gets his feet wet for the very first time! 

This Curlew was patrolling the beach…
I am certain that crab was on the breakfast menu 

The accommodation as viewed from the beach 

Each of the front bungalows has a small plunge pool.
So you can sit in the water…and watch the water 

What a view while enjoying a cocktail 

A view of part of the property from the hill as we head off to swim at Fingers 

There is plenty to photograph in the rock pools left by the receding tide 

Like this school of fish 

Or this colourful seaweed 


The nearest “shop” in only a few steps from the main building 

The deck at the main lodge building.
Here you will find a library, a pool, the bar and dining area.
The latter being the most important.

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