Mozambique bound.Planes and boats, no trains to Massinga Beach


Adventure time…again
This time to Mozambique from the recently refurbished Lanseria International Airport. 

And we were being flown to our destination in a private charter!
LAM does fly direct to Inhambane International Airport in Mozambique 

Our intrepid media group… 

Goodbye Lanseria… 

Hello Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport… 

It was, literally, off the plane, go through customs, have some breakfast and get back on board! 

Genome getting some attentions from one of the ladies… 

Spot the difference…
Luckily, the fact that the KMIA ground staff had left the petrol cap open
 was spotted by one of our group BEFORE we took off. 

 Inhambane from the air… 

The International Airport.
The security staff were not happy to allow me to take pictures of the building. 

This was to be our eventual destination.
But first…

A visit to the local market.

There is always a cat.

A typical Mozambique city street. 

One of the vendors outside the market.
This lady was offering peanuts. 

The beach on the way to lunch was littered with fishing craft.
Some sea worthy, some not. 

This was were we enjoyed our first meal… 

And while we ate, so did these birds. 

This fellow had climbed inside the hull of a derelict boat to catch a nap.
Looking at the goods around him, it could actually be home for him 

But our transport awaited…
This catamaran would take us across the bay to Maxixe, were we would board a bus.

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