Karkloof Safari Spa, a hidden gem in the KZN Midlands


This is what greeted us on our arrival at Karkloof…

The view from the deck of our Villa…

Running streams criss-cross the property.
The soothing sound helps to calm the stressed city souls

Attention to detail is key to the ongoing success of this venue

Believe it or not…
this is the public loo!
Almost bigger than my first apartment.
But it DEFINITELY has better decor.

Spot the villa…

These wooden paths connect the villas to the main building.
They meander through the property like wooden streams.

The steam room at the Spa…

This wall of water offers a gentle calming sound

The warm waters of two of these pools offer sanctuary.
The third is freezing cold and polar bears and penguins have been seen in it.
As has the owner of Karkloof!

A view of the entrance to the Spa

It would be nice if mankind could try to live by some of these.

When last did you have a sugar cube…
And with tongs.

From the inside of our shower.

Karkloof is the only place that I have ever found a urinal with a lid!

The main reception area.

One of the staff hard at work…

Part of the wonderful decor in the main reception area

An the rain came as we made our way back from dinner…
A stunning end to our first day

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