Game drive images from Nottens Bush Camp, Sabi Sands


Every game drive from Nottens brought something interesting.
Like this giraffe family hanging out at a waterhole.

This rhino seems to be saying “You woke me up at THIS time”!

Using a small termite mound as a scratching post

“Are you looking at me”…

This IS a pretty lion…

On one of the game drives we found two pairs of lions.
This is from the second pair.
It has been a while since I have seen lions that are actually awake in the morning.

This Red-billed Ox-pecker was using the horns of the buffalo as its scratching post.
The buffalo did not seem to be disturbed by this behaviour.

It is lambing season for the Impala,
and snack time for the predators…

There used to be several of these hides on the property.
This one has been restored but it is not utilized on a regular basis.
Instant gratification is what visitors now want,
and they are not prepared to sit for hours watching and waiting

Had we been sitting in the hide, we would have seen this Spotted Hyena

And been THIS close to an elephant

A Grey Duiker…
Not an easy animal to photograph as they are very skittish.
Perhaps he posed for me because I refuse to call him “Common”?


Impala are underrated as photographic subjects as there are so many of them.
But they are beautiful.

A Grey Heron on patrol

One of the “Little 5″…
A Leopard Tortoise

An interesting cloud formation?

“I’m on top of the world”…
A Red-billed Ox pecker riding high on a Buffalo

On a couple of the drives we were concerned about the weather,
however the rain never materialized.

THIS is why guests come to this region…
This animal is the “Warthog Wallow” female.
An unfortunate name for such a gorgeous creature.
Leopards are given names for identification purposes only,
as are most of the predators in reserves.
That is why there are none called Bob or Sally.

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