Federal Air to Nottens Bush Camp in Sabi Sands


It was time for my Gnome’s first flight.
You might not be able to see, but he was VERY excited…

New snacks…

A closer look at some of the interior decor…
Like this map.

I am not certain WHAT this is,
but it was interesting.

A pre-flight briefing.

Lest you forget who I was flying with…

We sat on the runway as plane after plane crossed in front of us…

Certainly NO ice forecast for my flight.

We had moved into take off position…
but we STILL had to wait for our turn in the queue.


One more…

Look left, look right and then look left again.

Time to take to the air.

Goodbye Johannesburg…
see you in a few days.

Lots of dams in and around Johannesburg

The landscape looks like a patchwork quilt

Not sure what river this is…

There was a LOT of cloud about.
Made for a bumpy ride towards the end.

Some we flew over…
Some we flew through.
I certainly looked at clouds from both sides!

The Sabi Sabi airstrip comes into sight.
Time to head off into the bush…
Well once the plane has landed.
Thanks to Matt and Ross for the flight.


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