Excitin’ sightings at Nottens Bush Camp, Sabi Sands


Even though I have been  visiting game reserves for the past 47 years,
each visit produces something new.
Like this sighting of a Side-striped Jackal with a pup.
There were four pups in total, that I got to see for a brief moment

“I am calling you”…
Actually, what this White Rhino is doing is smelling…

Nothing like a good rub when you wake up in the morning…

Well this does come a close second…

I just kicked myself in the face…

Brotherly love…

Walking away…

I need to get my mane looking good for the photographers

The guys in the back seat seem a little wary of the lion being so close.

Not many visitors will stop to examine a termite mound.
However, they are missing out as the termite social structure is facinating

They will defend the mound…
We put this twig in, and this is the result.
No termites were harmed during the taking of this image

A bushbuck male keeps a wary eye on us.

This Black-bellied Bustard was NOT fooled by the call
that I played off my mobile birding app.

a Jumping Spider that landed on the windscreen of the vehicle.

“What big teeth I have”!

“Can YOU do this”?

“I am a good looking boy…
and with a full belly too”.

Enough with the clicking already…

You do not want to be this close without the protection of the vehicle.

This Red-billed Oxpecker was using the horns as a personal scratching post. 


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