Castelo do Mar. A new lease of life for an old building

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We used this vehicle to get from Massinga Beach to Castelo do Mar.
It was originally a whaling station, but that link with the past has been eradicated.
And in its place, a wonderful new holiday destination has been built. 

I spot “our” catamaran… 

And the lagoon in front of the hotel was full of Dhows 

And bird-life…
Unfortunately the “promised” Flamingos never materialized. 


The wreck in the foreground is one of the old whaling ships 

Castelo from the water.
Deep sea fishing is just one of the water sports on offer. 

We drop anchor at Pansy Island…
And I get my sea urchins And a box full of Pansy shells 

Lunch od board…
It would have been a 5-star meal…IF Rob had remembered the Mayo! 

“Stay away from me”…
Alan and yet ANOTHER photographer… 

Time to rig the sails… 

Part of the media group that I was travelling with.

“Two feet above sea level”? 

Genome takes the helm 

Castelo has a “proper” library.
With shelves full of books, leather chairs and a chess set. 

A friendly barman… 

And a welcoming dining room 

The box contained some biscuits…
And although the beds were singles, there were comfortable and the linen was inviting

My last beach walk before I left.
I was not alone…there was a small armada of these dugout canoes already on the water. 

Almost time to “fly” home…
My thanks to all who made this adventure the experience that it was.

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