A first for me…The Leopard ID project delivers!


Why was this vehicle and the occupants patiently waiting?

For this…
Yet another leopard sighting…
NOT that I was complaining!

This trip had a lots of “firsts” for me…
and what was about to unfold only added to that list

Knowing that the leopard would(probably) not leave the tree,
we meandered around for a while and enjoyed another African sunset.

We returned to the tree to find THIS at the base…
The remains of an Impala ewe…
and close by,

the female with a FULL tummy

But, as they say in the TV ads, “That’s not all”…
this male leopard arrived on the scene.

The female has decided that discretion is the better part of valour,
and had decided to leave

Fearing that the kill would not be safe on the ground,
he decided to carry it up into the tree.

Not as easy as it looks…
YOU try to carry most of your body weight up a vertical incline…
from a standing start!

Last vestiges of blood trickle from the Impala’s nose

I wonder what Dexter would have made of this…

With the carcass safely ensconced in the tree, this fellow took a break

We radioed in that we would be late for dinner…

While he decided to move his,
almost dropping it in the process

Higher was an option?

Possibly, but then he thought the better of that plan and left it where it was

Heavy breathing from all the exercise

One final image before we left him alone with his meal…
and headed back to Machaba to enjoy ours

Next morning we returned to find mom back and still some of the Impala left for breakfast.
Once again, the Leopard ID project delivers a unique experience 


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