What makes Prana Lodge special?


My morning walk along the beach had made me tired…
OK, bad pun, I know,
but I bet you smiled…or perhaps grimaced?

I still had to climb these stairs to get to the deck and then back to the Lodge

But I knew that a visit to this centre was on the cards…

Outside the entrance…

Peace and tranquility lay inside these doors…

Have I mentioned how much the owners like roses?

One of the treatment rooms…

For the traditional Thai massage I was about to “enjoy”,
I first had to don this outfit.
No oils are used and it is the pressure of the hands(and feet) of the therapist
that does all the work.

But what makes Prana (the word means “Life Force”in Sandskrit) different.
I asked myself this question over the days that I spent here.
Although the property has only been open to the public for three years,
they offer a level of service excellence that more established venues would find hard to beat.

Could it be the local pottery that is on sale?
Not totally…

The attention to detail that is found when least expected?

The outdoor shower?
Not really…other lodges have these.

Interesting sculptures?
Could be…

Unique design features?
They are a contributing factor…

The gardens?
Even with the lack of rain, they are interesting…

The abundance of bird life?
This Cape Wagtail believes IT is special

As do these Cape Glossy Starlings…

And the aggressive Trumpeter Hornbill…

But for me, aside from the extraordinary service
by staff who were originally labourers during the construction of the lodge,
the two biggest differentials are:
The spectacular art work in each suite as well as the public spaces…

And the immaculately prepared food.
Well done to Chef Morne and his waiters for meals beautifully prepared and served!
And not a single need for “Is everything alright”? Before you have even taken a mouthful.
Serve from the left, clear from the right was the order of the day.
Kudos to all concerned.
To Gail, Meagan and Tim…
many thanks for hosting me…and I hope that we will meet again soon.


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