What is on offer this Sunday(27/10) at the B&B Norwood Rooftop market?


Forget “Snakes on a plane”…
This Sunday(27th) these scaly reptiles will have pride of place at the B&B Norwood Rooftop Market
The Hunyani Snake Expo will be on hand to demonstrate, dazzle and delight.
It will feature cobras, vipers, mambas and many more. 
Snake expert Clive Reid will present his highly entertaining 
and  interactive talk on the various species every hour on the hour. 
Come along from 10.00am and be photographed with a Python or join the Anaconda in its cage
It certainly looks as if  these children were having a good time.  
Put aside your preconceived ideas about these reptiles and be prepared to be enthralled and educated.

However, if snakes are not your “bag”…pun intended,
then there are still many other stalls waiting to attract your attention.
You cannot come to Africa and not be interested in skins and hides.
I certainly don’t think that you will find these items for sale in any destination off the African continent

These dolls look VERY surprised…
Perhaps they were not expecting my strobe to be so bright?

“The way we roll” is the slogan of this new stall holder.
Innovative ways to deal with an every day item.

“I wuz framed”!
Well not actually…but if you are looking for a framer, then look no further.

A great use for telephone cable.
Vibrant colours in a variety of different patterns

These wire and bead creatures are a must as gifts.
They make wonderful gifts for overseas visitors
who have no room for the ubiquitous wooden Giraffe.

These colourful mugs and plates would make a great talking point at a dinner party…
in New York, London or Paris.
Or perhaps even in Parys.

These products are VERY tasty!
Polish sausage at its very best.
They also do smoked Turkey legs and Trout

The Pecorino was good…very good.

Spring rolls in summer?
Why not!

“Real men don’t eat quiche”?
I did…and I enjoyed every mouthful.

Artisan bread…
Their Sourdough Rye should come with a warning…
Because it can become addictive it is so tasty.

This spice stall emits the best aromas.
Difficult not to buy.

Flame grilled burgers…

These hand turned pepper grinders are wooden works of art.
Stoney also make wooden pens.

I wonder how this stall holder thought that bottles could be recycled into these.
However he came up with the idea, it works…
And the result is this range of “re-purposed” glassware.

If you cannot get to the coffee…
the coffee will get to you.

If, like me, you still enjoy the feel of a REAL book,
then this corner of the market is the ideal spot to browse to add to your collection.

Decorations for the year or for this holiday season.
For the religious there are Christmas, Hanukka, Kwanzaa, Eid al-Adha
For those who do not celebrate there is, according to Frank Constanza(of Sienfeld fame)
“Festivus for the rest of us”…
No tree, only a pole around which family members can air their grievances.

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