Our morning game drive at Kwandwe, Eastern Cape


This is what was outside my door this morning!
Just one of several Waterbuck that walked past my room

Not a great sunrise today.
But any African morning is good

Steam coming off the Great Fish River.
I can hear banjo music…
Can you?

A quiet morning for general game…

And then we found these lions…

Blood still dripping from feasting on a nearby kill

Plenty of grooming between the sisters.

And then their brother stepped out from behind a thorn tree

He was also in need of some grooming

This young female took an interest in us…
for a short while

This is what they had been eating.
This young Rhino had been killed by an older bull

Family bonding time…

“You smell tasty”…

“This is my good side”…

Looking at you…

Full tummy and bloody paws.
Time for some cleaning and then a nap

We wondered why these zebra seemed so mournful…

And then we found the reason.
This baby zebra had become trapped in the mud and died.
It will possibly become a snack for two adult lionesses we found close by

We learned about Aardwolf dung…
It containes lots of shiny termite heads

Nicky learned to open a bottle of  Bubbly with a machete
And everyone ended up jumping for joy.
And then settled down to enjoy a wonderful bush breakfast.

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