Life is a beach…morning walk from Prana Lodge


Not quite the view from my window this morning,
but less than a few minutes walk away.

A Gull patrols the waterline looking for snacks

One good Tern deserves another?

Boy with a rod…

I often wonder where the driftwood comes from.
If only it could speak…

When I arrived on the beach it was calm…
but the wind soon picked up

There seemed to be a plethora of Jack Russels on the beach.
Perhaps it is a city bylaw that only small dogs can be kept in this area?

Some of the “holiday”homes that overlook the beach.
Tough place to live?

The grey overcast sky reflected in the wind swept sea.


Stepping out…

It seems as if the ubiquitious Hadeda is taking over from the Common Minah.
I found this one on the beach…very strange.

Why do humans have the need to deface pristine areas like this?
This “graffiti”is carved into rock…



Looking for lunch perhaps?
They caught nothing while I was on the beach

Looking at you…

Four feet above sea level?

Perhaps THIS was the reason no fish were being caught.
A Cape Fur Seal…the first time I have ever seen one in the wild

Time to make tracks and head back to the Lodge for breakfast…

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