B&B Norwood Rooftop Market…unaffected by the rain!


Today in Johannesburg it was a cold a rainy day…
The first major rain of the summer…
But the Market was dry and inviting.
First a cup of coffee to ward off the chill
and then I was ready to see what I would discover on this visit.

Looking for a watch that looks high end and fashionable?
Don’t want to take out a second mortgage or bank loan?
Then look no further…
this stall offer watches from R100.00!

If you, like me, are a cat person,
then you have to support “Friends of the cat”…
The friendly folk on duty at the stall even offered me a cup of coffee!

Just some of the “treasures” on display at one of the stalls.
Who would want an old fashioned date stamp?
I have no idea, but it does look “cool”.

When last did you buy a comic?
And not a collectors item encased in plastic that costs a small fortune.
At R17.00 these are for reading.

There are a variety of books on this stall…all genres and all very reasonably priced.
There is something SO wrong about throwing a book away.
In the foreground is a book called “How to light a candle”…
I would imagine that it is a VERY thin book…
“Strike a match, light the wick”,
The End.

These wooden toys have springs attached so that they can be hung.
Their almost hypnotic bouncing will keep youngsters entertained.

This fellow makes lights out of hollowed out wood.
The finished products are beautiful, but not easy to photograph in this setting.

The Scarab Beetle is a “one-off” and is already sold.
The artist has been allowed to keep it for display purposes for one more week.
If you want to commission Chevy to make you a custom piece, pay him a visit.
Whatever your budget, you will find something to suit your pocket.
Although this stall does offer pens for R195.00,
this particular model, crafted out of Bird’s Eye Burl, will cost you R1100.00

Does this look like an aerial view of the Norwood Mall at month end?
It is actually a table full of tin cars that are beautifully crafted
and will make for wonderful end-of-year gifts.

If you have a Nespresso type coffee machine at home,
then you have to have one of these boxes.

Where else can you find the Mona Lisa flanked by Quentin Tarantino AND James Bond?
Only at the B&B Norwood Market.

These images of Masai warriors caught my eye.
This artist was one of the few who would let me take pictures of their work.

Something sweet.
Cookie anyone?

These samosas were selling like hot cakes (or should that be hot samosas?)
In fact when I returned a while later, the chicken ones were sold out.

Smoked Trout…

A shot of cider…

A different sort of fudge.
I am not certain that you could wean fudge-o-holics like me
off  the condense milk and sugar variety.
However it is certainly a healthier option for the youngsters.

And finally, lunch…
A Balkans Burger…a must try
Another happy morning spent at my favourite market.
A few weeks ago, the Market hosted the Classic Car Club…
and there might have been a Shelby Cobra on display.
On the 27th October, it will be snakes of a different kind.
The Hunyani Snake Expo will be on hand to demonstrate, dazzle and delight.
It will feature pythons, anacondas,
cobras, vipers, raptors, mambas and many more. 

Snake expert Clive Reid will
present his highly entertaining and  interactive talks on the various
species every hour or on the hour. 

Come along from 10.00am and be photographed with a python or join the anaconda in its cage


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