With teeth and claws. Selati Lodge, Sabi Sabi


This was my most recent “bush” destination.
Although the heading did say “teeth and claws”,
I have cheated and added this elephant…

This is why…
There was less than a metre between him and me!

But he was VERY relaxed
and only seemed to want some leaves off the tree behind us.

I tend to get fellow guests and staff to “jump-for-joy”.
Interestingly, no one has ever turned me down.

Nothing like an African sunset.

Sun gone,
lights on…

And this is what we found…
But he was playing hard to get an would not face my camera.

We had found these two brothers the night before.

Having spent the whole day sleeping,
we arrived as they awoke.

He could do with a good clean.

A regal profile

Letting off steam?

He looks like he knows something that I don’t.

Time to look for a snack…

We found these the following morning…
They are part of the 14 strong Southern Pride

This 16 year old has a cub,
but we did not get to see it.

Until she was disturbed by the lions,
she lay on the rock…
To read about their interaction:

Prepared to pose for me
and the other guests on our vehicle.

Time to go…
Us, not her.


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