A tall tale?


What do the Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardus)…

And the Leopard (Panthera pardus),
have in common?

The word “pardus”…
From the Greek: ” tawny coat with black spots”…
Baby Giraffes are taught from an early age that sleeping in a tree
is a safer option that being on the ground.
This youngster, is using the fork in the tree as a bed

In the case of the giraffe,
they use the Romanized version: neck like a camel and spots like a leopard”.
It therefore makes sense that both species would work in tandem to obtain prey
Only the Alfa male and female hunt…

But they can work in family groups…
Even “domesticated” giraffe have been known to hunt

Giraffes are the only animal that suckle throughout their lives…

Research has shown that it is like thumb-sucking in humans.
Except giraffe have no thumbs.

A night roost…

Often youngsters will be picked up by the tail and placed in a tree…

This behaviour is to make certain that the nasal passages are kept clean.
It helps with tracking prey.

Vervet monkeys are used by both Leopard and Giraffe as spotters

Keeping a sleeping spot for a giraffe…

Once the leopard has finished eating it will leave the remainder for the giraffe

Elephants can cause problems for both animals…
hence they are never seen together.

In the absence of Giraffe to help with a hunt,
Leopards will use elevated rocks as a vantage point

This stare has been known to stop predators in their tracks!

Lions are the mortal enemy of both leopards and giraffe

Leopard cubs are taught to help giraffe in hunting prey

This little fellow did not seem happy to help…

Time to blend into the foliage to look for a meal…
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