Selati Lodge, Sabi Sands…


Why drive when you can fly?
Federal Air lands me safely at the Sabi Sabi airstrip.

The Sabi Sabi marketing statement reads…
“Yesterday, Today (Bush Lodge) and Tomorrow (Earth Lodge)”
This is their “Yesterday” lodge.

My first sighting on this trip.
I actually thought that this fellow was dead,
that is until I saw an ear flick.
Lying in the middle of the track,
this is the most relaxed White Rhino I have come across.

My accommodation at Selati…
Back though a tunnel of time.
The suite is filled with railway memorabilia.

Not that I spent much time here…
I did manage to sit on ” my” deck on the last day of my visit.

I do enjoy a bath…
but a shower is quicker.

My bathroom at night…

Home for the duration of my visit.

The main lounge/dining/bar area.
Again walls are filled with railway collectibles

A few bottles that are just as collectible.

This dining room is called the country kitchen.
And for obvious reasons.

Spring colour…

My first view of the main building

still a little cold to swim.
The watering hole in the middle ground can be viewed
from the deck where breakfast and lunch is served.

And this was the view.

For those who have been to Selati before,
you will notice changes that were make during a recent refurbishment.
It went beyond changing linen and curtains…
The bar area was extended, together with the deck…
and if that was not enough,
a Boma was added.

There are a couple of resident Bushbuck in camp.

If you look at the Land Rover on the left,
it seems to have a strange canopy.
Until you look from the other side…
and discover the old Ox-wagon!
My thanks to the entire Selati Lodge team for a very memorable stay.

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