From my Selati Lodge game drives…

Could I classify the back of Lee’s head as a sighting?

Luckily this bull Kudu solved that question for me.

Up close and personal.
I think that this Rhino could do with a pedicure.
It was lying across the road and would NOT get up.

We found a group not to far away that WERE up,
and were keen to find out who we were.

A Red-billed Oxpecker catching a lift.


Spring colours are out…

Natal Spurfowl.

It seems to me that Giraffe sightings are very popular with international guests.
Together with Zebra, they have added themselves to the Big 5 list

This .458 is standard for all the rangers…
If they get their vehicle stuck,
they get this pink rifle bag…
to keep until the next ranger gets stuck.
I am told that in winter it is very difficult to get rid of it.
In summer, the bag can change hands almost daily.
Lee, at Selati, is the current recipient.

A rather large male warthog

The Spanish couple on “my” vehicle battled to remember the name of this antelope.
Cesar…it is a WATERBUCK.

This old buffalo bull would not get up.

Wildebeest at the waterhole in front of the lodge

This young White Rhino calf was most inquisitive.

An interesting sighting.
A Steenbuck out in the open

Till the next time.

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