Elephant bunker at Senyati Rest Camp


The “bump”in the foreground is actually the roof of the elephant bunker

This hand built passage leads to a viewing “room”
that offers the most spectacular view of the animals that come to drink.

Being so close, all your senses are engaged
and, as a result, the experience can be overpowering 

My first sighting…
This juvenile Fish Eagle

Sitting in the bunker calls for quiet and aptience.
With no verbal outlet, I took out my “frustrations”
by photographing almost anything in front of my lens…

And, just like that, they arrived!

The reasonably clear water was almost immediately turned into mud…

Women pay good money to have a mud facial…
In this case it was one of the bulls.

The business end of an African Elephant

There are more than 200 muscles in the trunk,
and as a result it can be used to accomplish the most delicate tasks

All I could think of was the song Tusk…

“Eye spy with my little eye”

The fact that the bunker is at ground level,
allows for interesting angles

This young ellie decided to kneel…
probably to stop itself from falling in

Play time?

In need of a pedicure?

My tail is almost done…

This ellie seemed have been frightened by the sound of one of our cameras.
It crossed in front of the viewing ports at speed.

Looming large…

When an elephants looks down on you from this angle,
it is a humbling experience…
Many thanks to Grant and Helena for a FANTASTIC elephant interaction




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