A bit of this and that from Selati Lodge, Sabi Sabi


My home for three days recently…

The bird that I saw the most…
A Fork-tailed Drongo.

Up in a tree, but certainly not a bird…
A large male Baboon.

Also in the air…not the feathered kind.
Ranger Lee and Tracker Mike.

Not jumping…
A Tree squirrel…but on the ground this time

A Lilac-breasted Roller…

One of my favourite raptors…
A Bateleur Eagle.
There was talk of renaming it the Short tailed Eagle,
but that name was not accepted and it escaped the proposed change unscathed

A Red-billed Oxpecker hitching a ride…

Tracker Zeb seems to be asking Ranger Craig what he has stuck under his boot.

A puffed up Wahlberg’s Eagle in the early morning.

Certainly NOT a bird by any stretch of the imagination…

A White-fronted Sunbird.

A Burchell’s Coucal.
Commonly known as the “Rain bird”.

A Hamerkop.

This can certainly NOT fly!

But this can…

Can this be considered flying.
Congratulations are in order for this young couple (Sam and Ewan)
who were recently married

I never seen Oxpeckers like this before.
Too lazy to stand up and feed?

This three month old White Rhino calf had had enough of getting orifices cleaned.

The long and winding road…
Or in this case, the old Selati Railway line.
After which the camp is named.



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