“Travel & Things”…what sets this Blog apart?


What makes “Travel & Things” different?
Is it because I have to do it all?
From the summit of Kilimanjaro…

Sometimes I believe that my wife just accepts what I do…
But more often than not she accompanies me on these travel adventures

Through the glass darkly?
Not really, just an alternative view of a family lunch…
And somewhat of a signature when it comes to images on my Blog.
I am always looking for a different angle on an every day occurrence or object

We shared our wedding anniversary at this rugby game…
New Zealand and South Africa…
My wife supported SA and I was rooting for NZ…
Very quietly I have to add as I was in a predominantly SA supporter area.

Visiting my favourite “close-to-home” venue…

I am grateful that I am able to photograph wildlife,
still my number one passion.

And I have to get up early in the mornings to capture these shots.
Mornings and evenings my favourite times on this very special continent of ours.

Every now and again all my hard work pays off…
and I get to fly business class.

I get to visit interesting countries…
This is Hotel Des Mille Collines in Kigali, Rwanda
Also known as Hotel Rwanda (from the movie of the same name)

The most photographed Zebra in South Africa?

I get to meet many of South Africa’s most iconic musicians…
This is Larry Amos

Up early on a cold winter’s morning to capture this…

And despite being banned from taking pictures at my 60th birthday,
I managed to post this…

Sometimes I am “forced” to stay in 5-star luxury…
And other times I am surprised by the “simple” pleasure that a tent offers.

I have cried in memorials to populations slaughtered in the name of “peace”.
But what sets this Blog apart is the fact that it has its own radio show!
A “proper” terrestrial radio show…
Sponsored by…

Winner of a “Travel & Things” award 3 years in a row!

Broadcast on…

The show broadcasts live on a Saturday morning from 10-11am (local time)
Rebroadcast: Wednesday evenings, 19h00-20h00.
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1485am broadcasts live from its Johannesburg studio
and nationally on DStv audio channel 869.
Radio Today (@Radio2Day) also streams via its website: www.1485.org.za
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