Maropeng. Returning to the place of origin (Setswana)


All the images were shot on this Canon PowerShot.
Powerful performance from a “compact” camera.
Golden fields of grasses in the early morning light

From the inside looking out.
From the entrance to the visitors centre

Just in case you get lost, there is a comprehensive map.

We will pay a visit to the Sterkfontein Caves soon…

Water plays an important part in our lives.
And in this building

To find out more about Raymond Dart,
Listen to singer, songwriter and author Kinky Friedman…
This song is called ‘Homo Erectus’,
very apt!

What a way to go…

Some of the original finds…

The “gateway” to the second part of the displays
Looking like the set of a sci-fi movie.

Both of these students gave up quite quickly…
To be honest, so did I.

Entombed in amber?
What might future civilizations think of us…

Yes it is…
Fresh, clean drinking water is a problem.

Have YOU ever been to bed hungry?

86% for South Africa while Australia gets full marks…100%


I imagine that this board is cleaned often…
Wise words from an icon…
Nelson Mandela.


We enjoyed the Sunday carvery…

When asked if they were fat, the Dinosaurs answered:
“No, we are big boned”…
Maropeng is less than an hour from Johannesburg on a tarred road.
Well worth a visit.
To find out more:

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