Maropeng Hotel. Cradle of Humankind.


Although I have been to the Cradle of Humankind
World Heritage site before, this was my first visit to this hotel
The entrance reminded me of a sail or a Bedouin tent roof.

Hotel management seem to be concerned about the health of the guests

In the car park there are these enclosed ashtrays.
but at the pool are the regular kind and
unfortunately I found a couple that had butts in them

The main reception area…
Very friendly and helpful staff were on hand to make the check-in process “painless”

A view from the pool deck…

Making sure that both snakes and guests are aware of each other.
If the management had a sense of humour,
the back of this would read…
“Beware of guests”…

The pool is sparkling clean,
not that anyone was using it.

The deck outside the dining room.
A great place to enjoy a meal if the weather plays along

Interesting light fittings

I found this statue “hidden”away next to the stairs…

Just in case I was uncertain of where I was!
“Maropeng” means “Returning to the place of Origin” in Setswana.

And after a couple of these,
that could be helpful

The dining room also contains the well stocked bar.

A corner of the reception area.
Good for early arrivals or waiting to check out

This passage leads to the accommodation

Aloe time on the Highveld.

From the outside the accommodation does not look exciting.
However, inside is a different matter…

A really comfortable bed and ample cupboard space.
The interior designers kept the elements in mind when designing decor.
Earth, wind, fire, water and ice that all played a part 3-billion years ago,
are featured.

And a BIG bathroom that includes both a shower AND a bath.

The view from our patio…
Seeing it is still winter here in South Africa,
the grasses are still brown and dry.
Our room faces west and I cannot wait for sunset!

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