HI-TEC…these boots were made for hiking…


I get to “play” with some new gear…

Their mission statement…
AND a contact address for the Chairman!
For compliments and complaints.

In 2006 I climbed Kilimanjaro to raise money for Hospice.

Wearing HI-TEC boots…
This image was taken at Karanga Valley camp (4200m) 06h00 and it was -2C!
To read more about my mountain adventure:
My 2006 “Peak”
These are the boots that took me to the summit.
I have to admit that they have not been cleaned since my return,
but I am hoping to tackle some local hiking trails soon.

Boot and beanie…nothing more required?
No, there is a LOT more kit that is required.
I found that the boots were very comfortable
and with less that three months to summit day,
I was able to train/walk in them with no blisters at all.

This Eagle Mountain down vest is the lightest,
warmest cut-off jacket I have ever possessed!

The 2013 V-LITE…


Perhaps this will take me to base camp of Everest?
If not, it will certainly help me to summit the Melville Koppies here in Johannesburg.

A tough Vibram for kicking the c#*p out of  obstacles that might lie in my path

This is my new walking shoe…
The Trail Blazer.
Unlike a closed boot, the mesh upper allows my feet to breath.

And for the beach…
Bahama Sport that is water friendly.
Vibrant colour for the sole…
and the soul?

Hi-Tec Inspired by Life Logo (JPG).jpg

All the shoe images were shot in my new home product studio.
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