Day turns to night in the Cradle of Humankind


The Maropeng Hotel  in the early morning light…
A stunning clear warm Highveld morning in Magaliesberg

This is a male African Stonechat.

The mountains and grassland reflected in our door.

Photographs can never do a landscape justice…
A Pierneef painting can!


Grasses can make interesting “subjects”


Standing tall…

Gone…night approaches

The reception area takes on a whole new persona after dark

A winter fire to keep guests warm

The dining room and bar.
My wife and I had dinner with Tony Rubin ( General Manager) and his wife Denise.
A wonderful evening of diverse subjects and lots of laughter.

From the reception desk
I have been informed that this is a Yellow-fronted Canary. 
Time to cross the bridge and visit…


I know that graphology and phrenology are used to describe certain personal traits.
Is there any way of using a footprint for similar purposes?
There was a British study done in 2009
showing anecdotal evidence that feet have a ” language”…
However it did not look at a science of using feet like handwriting or bumps on your head.

Thank goodness for a breeze…

Yes we are…

The entrance to the visitors centre…
And then it was back to the hotel for breakfast before our visit and buffet lunch.

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