2009 road trip. Part 3


Jayne and I in 2015.
As she heads off for a conference in Germany
and I leave for Dubai
This song is probably the strongest connection that I have to my daughter.
Bob Carlisle with “Butterfly Kisses”…

We took road to Paarl via Mossel Bay.
(This seems to taking on a Umhlanga Rocks type of mantle,
with large apartment blocks being erected)
However these “cute” homes can still be found in abundance…
and at a price.

Our first view of the sea.

This “bistro” right on the beachfront had a sand floor and very interesting nautical decor

Light houses are still used in some instances,
some even have guest accommodation.

A stunning floral display for many km’s.

The guesthouse we stayed in Paarl was built in 1812

The building that currently houses guestrooms used to house an indoor swimming pool!

An old slave bell.

This is the house that my Mom grew up in.

Paarl, like most of the other towns we visited seems to be filled with coffee shops and art galleries and “antique” shops of various descriptions.

We found some great art and some not so good food.

Jayne in the Afrikaans museum.
Although we are an English family, we both enjoy the language.

The view from our accommodation

Looking down on the town as we leave.

Then it was back on the road to Kleinmond and Arabella Western Hotel and Spa.
5 star luxury in the “middle of nowhere”

Our bathroom had a TV built into the wall at the foot of the bath.

This large water feature was extremely noisy,
but is was turned off at night

Our last night on the road…

Cape Town beckoned and we used the coastal road via Pringle Bay and Gordon’s Bay
in order to try to see some Southern Right Whales.
Although there were a lot of whale watching boats to be seen, the whales proved elusive.

Our hotel was opened in March, but unfortunately their signage is still not up and we drove around in ever decreasing circles until we found it, more by accident than design. But the staff at reception was very friendly and this did help to diffuse the situation.
This was the view (of the container berth) from our window.

We had come to the end of our road trip and all that was left for me to do was deliver my daughter to her new “home” and to make my way back to Johannesburg.

I have to say that my TomTom GPS behaved impeccably and Simon, it’s voice, got better and better at pronouncing Afrikaans names!(For some reason the voice disappeared for a day, but I think he actually went for Afrikaans lessons.
My memories of our trip
Trying to find vegetarian food in Winburg.
Trying to find any food in Winburg
The way the mist looked in the early morning in Winburg
Being amazed by the bar in the Herberg Hotel in Winberg
Finding out that the dining room in the guesthouse doubles as a museum
Being told that the elephant statue next to the city hall in Winburg is the geographical centre of SA…or maybe not!
Finding out that the general dealer store in Nieu Bethesda has closed down, as has the book shop/gallery that took it over
Being surprised that my gloves were returned to me after I dropped them outside the Spur in Graaf Reinet
Finding a taxidermy showroom in the main street of Graaf Reinet!
Generally being surprised by the smaller towns we visited.
Caramel waffles in Oudtshoorn…very yummy, but came back to haunt us later!
Graves of deceased pets in the garden of the guest house in Oudtshoorn
The burning vehicle at the beginning of the Swartberg Pass
Being laughed at by Jayne for driving like a woos on the Swartberg Pass.
Walking through the office in a shop in De Rust and being told off for doing so…
Standing in the playground where my Dad went to school
Finding my Mom’s house in PAARL.
The family who kept us up during the night with their laughter, only to find out in the morning that they were in Paarl to bury their 15yr old son.
Being served rubbish Italian food, by a really scared looking waiter in Paarl.
Buying fruit and vegetables in areas that normally only sell meat
The guy in Cape Town carrying the wood who complained about what women expect from their men
Trying to find our hotel in Cape Town, a road trip on it’s own.
The walk from our hotel, through various weather conditions to Sea Point and back.
My feelings on the “lonely” drive back to the hotel after saying good-bye to Jayne when I dropped her in Observatory.


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