“Traffic” on the Chobe River


This is what visitors come to see…
An African Fish Eagle…
How do they get this close?

By using one of the many different types of tender boats that operate on the river. 

The land based lodges use them for game viewing and fishing. 

Getting close to and elephant without putting the tourists in danger. 

Or for getting from one destination to another… 

Some tender boats are used as floating “lounges”…
And drinks and snacks can be served on board. 

Or one of the smaller craft can be utilized to watch a sunset. 

“Home” for some visitors… 

More elephant that you can count. 

The most important item on the Chobe? 

Another of the large houseboats. 

Buffalo in the foreground,
while a houseboat makes its way through a channel. 

This is the sister safari boat to the one we stayed on. 

Using the tender boat to spot elephants 

Or to get REALLY close… 

While fellow travelers, Debbie and Tim wait for game to come to the water… 

The locals are busy catching a meal 

Our “home”…

Friendly guides… 

Off on a game “drive”…
While I often complain about multiple vehicles at a land based sighting,
I never found these  to be intrusive.

All the images in this posting were taken during game”drives”
from this houseboat.
A big “THANK YOU” to all the staff…
Especially my guide, David.
This holiday venue is highly recommended! 


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