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Have you ever thought of trying to join the Mile High Club?, recently conducted a survey into this topic, and here are the results.
Almost 40 percent of South Africans say the Mile High Club…
“Isn’t for them”.

Once the ‘holy grail’ of frisky airline passengers the world over, it seems more South Africans are cottoning on to the idea of the “Mile High Club” according to a recent survey by Travelstart. 

The results of the survey reveal the latest trends in airborne romantic encounters.
Of the more than 7000 participants, 6% have no qualms in admitting they’re a member of the M.H.C.
The “winning” province being Limpopo where nearly 10% are members.
Most surprising is that 25% of female respondents over the age of 75 said they are members of this exclusive albeit controversial club, while no men in the same age group are members.
However, this becomes less startling when you consider the earliest reports of the Mile High Club can be traced back to 1916.

 40 percent of male passengers admit that they have tried and failed as opposed to 23% of women.
The survey also found that 24% of South African passengers have never heard of the “Mile High Club”,
picture  supplied suggests a number of factors as being responsible for sexual activity in the air.
One contributing factor is that the flight route between Johannesburg and Cape Town is now one of the ten busiest in the world.
This could mean an increase in the number of ‘flings’ experienced by single passengers travelling for business.

Data analysts at Travelstart concede the survey results might be skewed.
This can be attributed to men  ‘fibbing’ about their conquests at 30 000 feet.
Women on the other hand might not be as forthcoming as their male counterparts about their amorousness in the sky.
 Those from KwaZulu Natal and the Eastern Cape are least likely to indulge in midair eroticism (43% and 44% respectively)
Many respondents from the Northern Cape and North West Province have not even heard of the Mile High Club.
However, adults from Gauteng aged 35 to 44 are the most likely candidates for in-flight shenanigans.
48% of the survey participants stated that they are proud members of the MHC. 

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Some airlines are actively encouraging passengers to strike up an aerial romance.
Virgin America’s latest “Get Lucky at 50 000 Feet” campaign actively promotes on-board rendezvous.
This carrier has introduced a seat-to-seat message delivery feature to get passengers chatting and flirting.
Flamingo Air Inc. in the USA offers the chance to book a Mile High Club flight in a “private curtained aircraft” complete with champagne, chocolate and a very discreet pilot.
And cabin staff no doubt!
Do you try before or after meals?
Could we see similar campaigns from our local carriers?
The answer to that question is still ‘up in the air’.
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