The Bird Gardens at Montecasino, part 2


The Flamingo enclosure it next to the cafe at the entrance…
I was so enthralled by the antics of these birds, that I almost forgot about the rest of the residents.
Welcome to part 2…
If you missed part one you can read it here:

King of the Lemurs?

A Banded Mongoose takes a close look at my lens

Tortoises like to be outdoors in natural sunlight.
They hibernate in winter…
perhaps as a result of our mild winter weather this one was confused?

A couple of White-faced ducks

A Brown Lemur peering at me from behind some foliage

Ready for take off?

This LARGE Iguana was sharing the enclosure with…

A Two toed Sloth.
Not only did the sloth have bigger teeth than I expected,

It also had these fearsome weapons…
Freddy Krueger watch out!

This could have been a monkey…
Or perhaps another lemur.

In insects, bright colours are used as a warning to predators that they taste bad…
Does the same hold true for birds?
If so, this Saddle billed stork must taste awful…

This Ground Hornbill tried to lure me closer…
But I saw through his deceit and kept my distance

A Laughing Kookaburra

And its colourful cousin…a Blue winged Kookaburra

A Spotted Eagle Owl.

Even the “common” dove gets a mention…

A White napped stork…

Digging up some dirt on its fellow “inmates” ?
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visit their web site:

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