The beginning of our Chobe adventure


On my recent Chobe adventure I was given this to try out…
The Canon PowerShot SX280 HS…with Wi-Fi.

I started using it as soon as I got into the shuttle taking us to the airport.
I was amazed that I could get away with ambient light instead of using the flash.

Like a supermarket at month end…
Passport control at O.R.T only had 3 people on duty.
Luckily there was not a queue of passengers waiting to board.

Trying out the “fish-eye” function…
Just one of many that the camera offers.
As I only received the camera a day before I left,
I used the “AUTO” setting a lot.

Our destination…
Who said cameras have to be black?
This model also comes in blue.

Great for sneaking shots when cameras are not allowed.
The silver case in the hold is mine!
At least I knew that my luggage was on board.

The salt pans from 30000ft!
I did struggle to try and focus on such a vast stretch of white,
but I was able to get a couple of usable shots. 
For a “pocket camera” it is packed full of features.
I was even able to freeze the propeller blades on our aircraft!
And the GPS function raises the bar from the usual day/date/year feature.

We arrive in Kasane.
I did not have to hide the camera here as the ground crew did not object.

The quality of the lens did impress me.
It does have a 20x optical zoom,
In many of this type of camera,
the image quality deteriorates in direct proportion to zoom length.
However, if held steady(or on a tripod) that is not an issue with the SX280HS

Up close the images are sharp.

Even in mixed light the camera performs well.

The interior decor of our transport from the airport to Kasane immigration.
The camera slips easily into a pocket or hand bag.
The rounded corners make it easy to hold.
I would have liked to see a camera bag supplied in the box.
I am almost ready to swop my DSLR kit for one of these…
The ease of use and quality of image, even when using the zoom,
is impressive for a compact camera.

Up close worked well…
Colours are accurate and crisp.

The road to Kasane…

Kasane main street taken from a moving vehicle…
I was impressed at the quality of this image.

Text was also clean and crisp.

Easily readable…

My wife has always wanted to hug a Baobab…
FINALLY she got her wish,
and I was able to capture the image without having to unpack my entire DSLR kit.

This is where we were heading…

On this island, which is Namibian!

Makoros waiting for owners?
Once again a clean image from a camera that “fights-above-its-weight”
Although I only used a limited number of the features on the SX280,
I was impressed with the quality and ease of use that it offered.
To see more images from this very fine compact camera,

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