More Elephants from the Chobe


The heading did say Elephants,
but this was a rare sighting that got me excited.
An adult and juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron out during daylight

The elephants regularly swim across the river to feed

HMS Elephant…
And not an iceberg in sight.
A whole new angle on elephant photography

Up close and personal

Chobe is  home to almost 90000 ellies

is this youngster 90001?

10/10 on the “cuteness” scale?

Old enough to know what to do with its trunk

Or perhaps not totally…

Getting the hang of it…

The Chobe ellies seem to be bigger than their SA counterparts…

or perhaps it is just because we were on a tender boat that they looked so big


Ear flapping to make me look bigger

A nice pair…

Time to head back to the reserve

Not just yet…


Heading home?
Or off to feed?
From the banks of the Chobe River,
the herds slip back in to the safety of the Chobe Reserve,
on the Botswana side of the river


All the images in this posting were taken during game”drives”
from this houseboat.
A big “THANK YOU” to all the staff…
Especially my guide, David.
This holiday venue is highly recommended!

Transport to and from O.R.T International airport was supplied by;


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