Is it a rock? No, its Hippo on the Chobe River


My wife is not the kind to join me on every game drive.
She is often happy to get engrossed in a book while I spend time behind my lens.

On this trip I got to see more hippo than I bargained for.

Most of them in a position similar to this…

Occasionally one would stand up…
But I was not able to get one “open-mouth” shot

I saw this particular pod several times over the course of our visit.

Ox-peckers getting busy while the hippo doze.

Pretending to be hippo?
A herd of Buffalo.

Definitely NOT a hippo!
A lone Buffalo bull.

An explosion of activity as our arrival scared the pod.

Lumbering off along the bank to try and get away from us.

Once a hippo enters the water my guide would back away…

This hippo was trying to decide if it was worth heading into the water.
Not even pretending!
A medium size Nile croc drifts past our boat.

Time to rearrange the body.

Keeping an eye open

Not hippo…

Elephants swimming across the Chobe River.

A Red Lechwe…certainly NOT a hippo

An entire herd of Elephants pretending to be hippo…

And finally…
the real deal watches us as we motor past.


All the images in this posting were taken during game”drives”
from this houseboat.
A big “THANK YOU” to all the staff…
Especially my guide, David.
This holiday venue is highly recommended!

Transport to and from O.R.T International airport was supplied by;


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