I visit Madiba’s Houghton home.


Currently this is probably the most frequented corner in Johannesburg.
Because it is the home of Nelson “Madiba” Mandela.
Currently “Tata” (father) as he affectionately known,
is in a hospital in Pretoria.

His house is surrounded by signed rocks.
The outpouring of love is almost tangible.

Even the trees have been draped.

There are a few floral tributes that seem to be surviving the cols winter weather.

This seems to sum up all the sentiments…
Now, if only the Mandela family would stop fighting and let the “Old Man” go in peace.

A few flags are mixed in the with the rock tributes.

There are about 10 of these around the front walls of the house.

This says it all…

These people arrived while I was taking pictures.
They were keen to add their own tributes.

These 2 young girls were brought by their Dad.
They took great pains as to how they would place their placards and flowers.
I chatted to their Dad and we agreed that this sort of outpouring would not have happened
for any of the pre-1994 politicians…
And it will also not happen for any of the current crop of politicians.

Another one on the pile

Tributes from many religious groups.

I noticed that words had been added to this poster.
Not sure if the original author had come back to make changes

People have gone to a lot of trouble to make their feelings known

He is an inspiration to us all…

We do wish you well…
And peace…
And perhaps it is time to let you go?

Some of the drawings are blowing away and
could be seen as an analogy for what is left of the life of Madiba that Doctors are trying to extend

One of my favourite stone tributes
We left our own mark of respect.


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