I spend an afternoon at the Pretoria Zoo.Part 1


It has been a while since I last visited this zoo that is situated in downtown Pretoria.

This very impressive fountain stands in front of some of the bird aviaries.

This Ibis species is so brightly coloured that I wonder how they can “hide” in the foliage.
But like many other bird species,
perhaps the brightness is the camouflage?

On way of getting across the zoo property.

Going nowhere slowly…
This is a Hamadryas Baboon.

A new arrival…A Drill,
taking in some of the late afternoon winter sunlight

The sprinter champ of the primates.
This Patas Monkey can reach 55kph!

A Spoonbill.

A Hog Deer checking me out…

Something to keep the kiddies entertained when they get bored of either walking
or looking at the animals

My transport for the afternoon.

Even in captivity,
the African Buffalo looks at me as if I owe it money!

From Central Africa…a Colobus Monkey

This African Elephant is almost the same colour as the rocks in its enclosure.

The zoo is using solar power…
A green solution to the electricity problem.

This Axis Deer has the most vividly spotted coat.
This is a young male, the females do not have antlers.

A Sacred Ibis…
Not strictly a zoo inhabitant, more like a greedy visitor.

The Al Capone of the Rhino species…
A Black Rhino…the more aggressive of the African Rhino species.

A beautiful Bengal Tiger…
certainly on of my favourite predator species.

And, what would a wildlife posting be without a butt shot?
The Elephant provided me with this…
My visit to the zoo was not nearly long enough, meaning that I will have to return soon.
This oasis in the middle of a bustling city is a great place for a family outing.


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