Game “drive” images from the Ichobezi Safari Boat


Forget “the cow jumped over the moon”…
On my game drive from the Ichobezi Safari Boat,
it was Impala doing the leaps…

A happy (?) Impala ewe?
Jumping for…?

The banks of the Chobe are almost littered with Hippo.
The guides have to keep a wary eye out for these creatures as we cruised the waterways.

Buffalo always look at you like you owe them money…

See what I mean…

A Blacksmith Lapwing and a young Buffalo calf …

A couple of Kudu bulls watch us cruise by.

Giraffe is silhouette…

A young Baboon, catching some early morning rays

A Water Monitor…

I have no idea what this is,
but I saved it from drowning in the on-board plunge pool

This was part of a Journey of  giraffe that must have been almost 40 strong.

Certainly the largest group of Giraffe I have ever seen!

There were also about 20 warthogs in attendance.


We saw this pod of Hippo almost every day of the four days
that we were on the Ichobezi Safari Boat…
Their movements seemed to be confined to getting up,
and then lying back down in a slightly different position.

This Kudu bull was NOT happy to see us.
He took off as soon as we got too close.

PLENTY of crocodiles of all sizes.

An African Rock Python in a tree…

The largest Nile Crocodile I have EVER seen.
According to my guide, David, it was at least 5m long…
The Yellow-billed Stork does not seem to concerned
about being so close to a handbag with teeth!


All the images in this posting were taken during game”drives”
from this houseboat.
A big “THANK YOU” to all the staff…
Especially my guide, David.
This holiday venue is highly recommended!

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