Birdlife on the Chobe River.Part 2


The bird-life along the banks of the Chobe River was spectacular.
This is an African Skimmer.

I spotted a Spotted Thick-Knee…

I saw Giant Kingfishers every day.
The Sasol Birds of Southern Africa describes them as HUGE…
and by Kingfisher standards, they are.

A Hammerkop

A couple of Reed Cormorants, sunning themselves.

A Grey Heron takes flight…

A tiny Malachite Kingfisher…
sitting quietly,until…
it heard another one calling!
Then it to started to vocalize and it seemed to change shape.

To the victor the spoils…
A Little Blue Heron catches a meal

A Spoonbill wading through the reeds…

A Spur-winged Goose taking off

A Goliath Heron

Probably one of the ugliest birds in Africa,
a Marabou Stork.
An African Jacana chick.

A regal Grey Heron.

A White-breasted Cormorant and partner.

This Nile Crocodile was lying under this…

a rookery full of Cormorants and Yellow-billed Storks.
Food LITERALLY dropped from the sky…

A Pied Kingfisher…
I saw more of this species in the five days I was in Chobe
than in all my other game reserve visits combined

And, of course, the iconic sight of Africa…
The African Fish Eagle

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