An afternoon at the Pretoria Zoo. Part 2


My recent visit to the Pretoria Zoo was at lunch time.
Both for the animals AND me.
I was tempted to see what they were having.

An attentive Ring-tailed lemur…
I bet every child that sees this creature shouts out,

I wonder why this Bactrain Camel was foaming at the mouth.
Luckily, unlike the Llama, they do not spit!
Actually they do…but only during the mating season.
This particular camel species is classified as critically endangered.

The Apies River flows through part of the zoo property. 

From the bridge over the river, looking back towards the picnic area. 

I thought that my recent trip to the Chobe River had got me up close with Hippo…
I was mistaken. 

A new addition to the zoo family. 

An Emu…all the way from Australia. 

I find Kangaroos quite comical,
especially when they are lying down. 

A first for me…
A Koala Bear, that is not really a bear.
It is a marsupial. 

See what I mean?
Taking in the late afternoon sun. 

One of the Gorilla family that live at the Zoo.
I hope to be in Rwanda in 2014 to visit these “gentle giants” in their natural habitat. 

One way to get from the entrance of the zoo to the upper part to see the big cats.

I wonder if this tiger is hoping that dinner will fall from the sky?
For safety reasons, the cable car does not fly over the big cat enclosures.

The wall that separate the cats is impressive.

Dinner time.

A view of downtown Pretoria from the upper slopes of the zoo. 

An Eland eyes me out. 

A Brown Bear dozes while a pair of Egyptian geese wander though the impressive enclosure.
The enclosures here are not the old style “animal-behind-bars” type,
 they are set up like natural habitats so that the animals can enjoy the outdoor space. 

And, of course…
another butt shot to end off my visit…
This is the rear view of a Black Rhino…
I spent almost three hours at the zoo and there were several exhibits that I did not get to see.
I will have to go back to have a look at the snakes and the Aquarium…
A great place for a fun and educational visit for the entire family!

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