Sights of Rwanda…musings of a travel writer.


I was recently invited to join a group of travel professionals on a trip to Rwanda.
These are some of the sights that caught my eye.
This image was taken as we came in to land at Kigali International Airport.
Water seems to be plentiful and the ground very fertile here in this central African country

Some of the Rwandair fleet…
And there are new craft on the way.

This device allows returning nationals to by pass customs.
It scans the passports and hence NO QUEUE!
South Africa take note…

It certainly is…
And on the road between Kigali and Lake Kivu,
we drove many of them

My luggage arrives…
with a “Priority”tag attached…
A first for me.

We used these two groups for our land based travel

We also met the CEO of both companies before our group left Rwanda.

Our first experience of Rwanda traffic.

This was to be my “home” for longer than expected…
But more of that in another posting

This caught my attention.
Because of the climate, there are many sub tropical species

This is where we spent our first night

Not the Indian Ocean…
Lake Kivu, the 6th largest lake in Africa

Some of the locals come out to have a look at us…

Our presence did not stop this fellow from his morning ablutions

A smile and a wave…typically African

While others stood and watched

Goat kebabs…
A meat that we don’t get regularly in South Africa.
We had it at several meals and, prepared correctly, it is very tasty.

Karin, out tour leader, sharing a moment!
The Gorilla was not one of our tour party.

If you can identify  this bird, please email me…
I was told that it is a White Faced Vulture.
Is that correct?

The culverts along the side of the road are kept clean by the locals.
This is a paying job and they were out in force…
even on a Sunday.
The last Saturday of each month is designated as National Clean-up Day.
It is the duty of every citizen to clean up around their house…
How about trying THAT South Africa?

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