Our final night at Kivu Serena, Rwanda


Pedal power that hauls products between Rwanda and the D.R.C.
This particular load consists mainly of drinking straws!

A lot of the building work/repairs are done with volcanic rock

The sun sets over Lake Kivu with the D.R.C in the background

Dinner was being served on the lawn adjacent to the Lake Kivu shore

Some of our group watching rugby…
South Africa playing Italy in Durban…
South Africa won, but not convincingly.

Dinner guests were entertained by a local dance troupe

Like most African music, it would not work without drums…

and backing vocals.

No need for gym when you have to beat out a rhythm…

Our tour party enjoying dinner…
which included goat kebabs.

Jumping for joy 1

The dancers seemed to smile constantly

I am uncertain of the name of this dance,
but it involved a lot of jumping…

and tossing of the headdress.

Jumping for joy 2

These dancers are balancing these containers on their heads.
Not attached at all!

The fellow in the silver jacket was the manager of the group…
It was at this point that they stopped playing
and “Happy Birthday” blared out over the PA system…

And in came the staff and the dancers bearing a birthday cake…
An early 60th party?

Dennis getting in touch with his roots?
I leave the younger members of our party to boogie the night away!
Many thanks to all involved in my surprise…
It certainly caught me off guard.


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