My walking safari from Jock Explorer Camp, Kruger National Park.


With the early morning sunlight highlighting the overnight spoor,
it was almost time to head off on on morning walk.


Laz takes the lead with Dumi close behind…
and me at the back…looking over my shoulder!

The morning walks, which can last up to three hours,
are not only about the Big 5.
They are about learning more about all aspects of the bush experience

Like these old tracks in a dried up pan…

Or this VERY fresh dung

Did I mention the spider’s webs?

My view for most of the walk…
and I was VERY grateful to have this in front of me when we spotted…

this White Rhino looking at us,
followed by…

these Elephants walking away…

Time to take a closer look at some ants.

and a couple of Dwarf Mongoose.

You can add your own caption to this…

A Grey Duiker watching us from the top of a termite mound

A Dragonfly at a pool near the Biyamiti River

The rock formations reminded me of the Matopa Hills in Zimbabwe

Yet another spider web…

Facing the sun…
Is that possibly a Yoga position?

This is NOT a cow with attitude!
We gave this Buffalo a wide berth.

Sun set…time to head back to camp.
The end of the day and the last walk of my stay at this wonderful camp.

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