My perspective on Rwanda.


From areas where goats roam the streets
to the urban areas where cars hold sway,
Rwanda (as I experienced it) seems to be working.

Individuals take it upon themselves to find work.
I did not see a single person with a sign begging at traffic intersections.


In the same time period that we have experienced post apartheid,
the country has done more to create a working democracy than we have.

Police presence during the day and the army at night,
make this one of the safest cities in the world.
I walked the streets with my camera gear without feeling that I was about to be attacked.

This should be our slogan in South Africa.
Perhaps our 2014 WILL make a difference.

The streets are spotless and this water feature in the centre of town worked.

Nakumatt is their equivalent of our Hypermarkets.
No plastic bags are allowed in the country…they were banned several years ago.
Shoppers are given FREE paper bags.
That solved the Rwandian plastic problem…
What did we do in South Africa and did it work?

Not as many taxis as we have back home,
but there are HUNDREDS of scooters.
Proper driver training is enforced,
and both the driver and passenger must wear helmets.

One one of my walk abouts…

Clean streets and NOT a single pothole in sight!

They have gorillas…
This one looks rather surprised…

The culverts along the main roads are cleaned by the locals.

Schools in every province that seem to be working.

Scenic areas along the main roads

Amazing what can be carried on a bicycle…

Co-operatives to make sure that there is work for all.
Especially the disabled who drive these vehicles

Traffic lights that tell you how long you have to either wait or drive…
The only other country I have seen these in is New Zealand.

Pelicans in Kigali city centre!
Time to pack away my camera and head back home…

Thanks to the Serena group for hosting me.

And RwandAir for getting me to and from my destination.

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