Kigali to Kivu and back.Rwanda for a weekend


The “team”arriving at Kigali Airport.
No time to look around as we were soon bound for our first destination,
Lake Kivu…

Although the actual distance is not that far, the road is windy and the traffic,
both human and vehicular is heavy…
South African readers please note the condition of the road!
Not a pothole in sight…
Part of the road was built by Germans and the rest by the Chinese.

Looking back on the outskirts of Kigali as we wend our way upwards

The Kigali skyline

This is where you do NOT want to be…
Overtaking becomes an art form and solid white lines are ignored…
even on corners

The cyclists often hitch rides on the back of trucks…
This 6km section of the road is all uphill,
hence this fellow hanging on.

There is plenty of farmed land…

And even a soccer game

As the sunset, the journey got REALLY interesting.
And sitting in the passenger seat became a challenge…
Especially as the cars a left hand drive, and I missed the steering wheel.
That being said, I certainly would NOT want to drive this road.

Scooters, trucks, taxis and pedestrians(in their hundreds)
all made for an interesting last part of the outward bound journey

After spending a couple of wonderful days at the Lake Kivu Serena,
it was time for the return journey…luckily all in daylight.
No sooner had we left the hotel, we got stuck behind this!

As it was a Sunday there was plenty of foot traffic
to and from the various churches along the road

Our “sister”vehicle…
at least we knew we were on the right road!

The roof designs caught my attention

Just another Sunday in rural Africa…

Part of a refugee camp set up for people from the DRC

I wonder what these women were discussing?
Probably not Kim Kardasisan’s wardrobe…

This was our half way toilet stop.
Dian Fosse used this as her base when she was doing her research with the Gorillas

An unexpected waterfall…

Back in Kigali…
I will watch “Ice Road Truckers” with new respect.
Many thanks to Patrick for getting us to Kivu and back safely.

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