Jock Explorer, Kruger National Park


I was back at Skukuza Airstrip, again, thanks to Federal Air…
This time my destination was Jock Explorer, Kruger National Park.

General Manager,Louis Strauss, picked me up
and the drive from the airstrip to the camp site produced some good game.
This large Nile Crocodile was first on the list…

Followed by a rather majestic Giraffe.
For some reason, foreign tourists love them!

And then this large leopard…
What a way to start my adventure.

Arriving guests are not driven into the camp,
but are dropped off about 800m away and the resident rangers
walk them into camp.
On the left is Dumi, Camp Manager/ranger/ general problem solver
And his colleague, Lazarus, who is the Game Ranger Manager.

Louis goes off to park his vehicle…
no walking into camp for him!
My first view of this mobile camp site.
Currently it is situated on the banks of the Biyamiti River.
The tent in the background is the dining room,
(when the weather is not conducive to sitting outside)

My ” home” for the duration of my stay.

The interior is spacious with a comfy bed.

A small table and a “wagon box” complete the decor.
Simple but adequate.

Looking out…
A chemical toilet…

and a bucket shower might not be suitable for all the guests,
but both work well.

Snacks on my arrival…delicious!
If only I had known that this was to be the beginning of an eating “fest”.
But my excuse was that I was able to “walk off” the meals.

A well stocked bar.

The smoke was from the fire that is kept going constantly to make hot water.

The game came to me…
well this Elephant did.

Sunset on my first night…

Executive chef and kitchen manager, Sam.
He was able to conjure up some of the best food I have ever eaten.
And most of it on rudimentary equipment or an open fire.
BUT, he was able to dish up restaurant quality meals throughout my three day stay.

Bush TV…
Early to bed…my first walking safari awaits in the morning.
Even the fact that these walking safaris only take place during the winter months,
(April to the end of October) should not deter the passionate wild life adventurer.
The winter days are warm and dry in comparison to summer when it is hot and wet.
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