Hi Ho, hi ho…off to Rwanda I go


Even at 06h00 the Johannesburg traffic is already almost gridlocked.
Luckily for me the traffic was going in the other direction…
Not so great for the driver, Zee, who would have to battle to get back to the office.
Many thanks to Max Abro Shuttle Service for getting me to ORT on time

The smiling RwandAir check in staff.
Probably the nicest ground crew I have interacted with.

And yours truly was a VERY happy fellow…
Thank you Dennis!

And here is my ticket to prove that…

My “home” for the next 3.45 hours.
1F, front row…not quite centre!

Just a quick backward glance before take off…

A welcoming drink…

Plenty of leg room.

A happy fellow…
My penultimate flight as a 50 year old…

A lack of in-flight entertainment made me actually listen to the safety briefing.
But, how does a passenger “breath normally” when the plane is falling out of the sky?
I would be screaming like a banshee.

Good-bye ORT…
See you in three days time

The business class section was almost devoid of passengers.
Aside for me, there we only two others
and one of those worked for the airline.
I wonder why?

The end of the runway…
Luckily we were headed in the other direction.

Good bye to the industrial section of Johannesburg

Clouds over Africa

We are headed in THAT direction


Breakfast…with plastic cutlery and crockery?
In Business Class?
But I am told (on very good authority) that that will change on our return flight

From the cold of Johannesburg to the heat of Rwanda.
We arrive at our destination…
To find out more about the airline and their flight schedules, visit:

And, like almost every other African airport that I have flown into, it is undergoing renovations.
Off on the first leg of our weekend adventure…
Bring it on!

My hosts for the weekend.


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