City tour, Kigali. Part 1


Just to prove that I am working!
Many thanks to Abou for taking the picture.

The memorial to the staff in the car park of…

Hotel Rwanda!

All the traffic lights work…
And they give you time that you have to wait…
Might we ever see these in South Africa?
I think not.

I was lied to…
This Yellow-Billed Stork was NOT carrying a baby.

This country has done more in the past 19 years to bring peace and harmony
between local warring factions.
In the same period, the opposite is true in South Africa.

The city is very clean.

This is the new Marriot Hotel.
It had to be built long instead of high because it overlooks a sensitive government building

The Chinese flag flies proudly over…

The recently installed street lights are in the National colours

Pelicans in a land-locked country?
Who would have guessed.

The only “African” architecture I could find.

Petrol seems to be cheaper here…
If my conversion rate is correct.

I found this “oasis” tucked away between some street front buildings

If you see this sign, you know you are in Africa

Always has to be at least one “blinged”car…
This is it!

A variety of building styles…

The national flag 
Do I really need to caption this?

Downtown Kigali…

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