Andy’s Acoustic Forum. Posting #800!


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This is posting number 800…
For this *momentous* occasion,
I thought that I would do something a little different.

I decided to do an Alternative Andy’s…

Up close and designed to replicate “old school” film images…

I hope that you, my readers,  feel that these pictures
have captured the essence of that era…

Dax Butler…

Richard Bruyns…

Old style swamp blues

Richard’s iconic hat…

CitiVibe editor, Bruce Dennill,
sharing his music with an appreciative audience

Not only does he have a ” real” day job…

He is also a presenter on Radio Today…

He is also a dedicated father and husband and member of the Fellowship.
Bruce is * good people*!

Marcia Moon…

A newcomer from Pretoria…

She brought a touch of Afrikaans to the Forum.

Baie dankie!

Laurie Levin rounded off the evening

Look out for her new CD that will be released soon.

Laurie and Richard Bruyns(Swamp Dogs) 
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